An immigrant from Pakistan, Ayesha Riaz is no stranger to challenges. After her graduation from high school, Ayesha’s family moved to the United States so that she could further pursue her education. Having to quit her full-time job in order to enroll in the rigorous Medical Laboratory Science program at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, she dedicated herself to obtaining her bachelor’s degree despite the financial burden.

When I discovered the profession of medical laboratory science, I believed that it would be a good career choice for me,” said Ayesha. “It seemed challenging, and it offered a great variety of career opportunities. But it was not possible for me to both pursue my degree and work full-time in order to pay for tuition. Receiving the GB365 scholarship helped me by reducing my financial burden and allowing me to focus more on my studies.”

We are committed to the success of laboratory science students and were impressed by Ayesha’s dedication, hard-work, and enthusiasm towards her future in this field. We are honored to present her with the GB365 scholarship. Ayesha will be graduating from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in May 2019 and hopes to one day continue her education and obtain a master’s degree.

I aim to become proficient in supporting the diagnosis and monitoring of treatment that contributes to quality patient care,” said Ayesha. “I am eager to apply my knowledge to give back to this profession and make a difference in people’s lives.”


Emily Bloch began her journey in medical laboratory science with a dream: to bring hope to those in need of organ transplants. We at COLA Inc. knew we wanted to help her achieve her goals.

As a person who feels compassion, I want to be able to offer hope to as many patients needing a transplant or other immunogenetic testing as I can,” said Emily. “I like being able to find solutions to problems and looking at things in different ways, especially when doing so improves output and quality, and positively impacts the work environment for everyone.

Emily is excited to bring her drive, passion, and skill to a career as a Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) tech who matches donated organs to those who need transplants.

When the call comes in that there is a possibility of a matching donor heart for a patient, the HLA tech has a duty to bring her ‘A’ game immediately,” explained Emily. “Not only is timeliness a factor, every element of the matching process must be done with the utmost care and attention to detail. That tissue or organ is given in trust, and all of those involved in the transplant process must respect the preciousness of the gift given.

We are honored to present Emily with the GB365 Scholarship, and look forward to her using her education, passion, and skill to bring hope to those who need it most.


After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in biology, discovering the field of clinical laboratory science was a pure coincidence for Jessica Graham. She soon turned that discovery into a passion that would drive her to not only pursue a career in the field, but become an advocate and help build awareness of the opportunities it provides as well.

“After I graduate, I would like to find my way into a teaching role in the clinical laboratory science profession, said Jessica. “Teachers reach out not only to students, but the community as a whole. It would be my hope to be part of a program which educates students starting from their high school years as juniors and seniors. This is a critical time—a time I would have liked to have known about the profession before I started on my college journey.

Jessica is a student at the University of Washington who professors describe as showing “excellent potential” and being “excellent at people skills as well as her techniques.” We are honored to present Jessica with the GB365 Scholarship to help her noble goal of spreading awareness of the field of clinical laboratory science.


A student at North Dakota State University, Briena Jarvi’s interest in the field of medical laboratory science blossomed out of her love for science and people. When a friend was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), her decision to pursue a career in which she could contribute to the research and curing of the disease was finalized.

Laboratory work is so much more than reagents, microscopes, and centrifuges,” said Briena. It is easily forgotten that behind every lab test is an actual person. This is something that I keep at the front of my mind so that I can help provide the best care possible to each patient I serve. The excitement I have for my field of work, the determination I have to help people, and the exceptional education I am receiving will (and has begun to) mold me into an excellent laboratory professional.

The GB365 Scholarship was created to help students like Briena reach their goals, and thereby ensure a positive and skillful future for our field. We are honored to present Briena with this scholarship and trust that she will go far in medical laboratory science.


A career in medical laboratory science has been a dream, more than 10 years in the making for Leah Williams. After deciding at five years old that she wanted to pursue a medical career, Leah found a passion for medical laboratory science at the age of 18. Her dream, however, was put on hold. Leah spent a decade working full time in retail, unable to pay both for tuition and the basic necessities, so school was put on the back burner as she followed her military husband from city to city. But she didn’t give up, and eventually enrolled in an accredited program at Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach.

“I couldn’t be happier with the path I have chosen for myself,” said Leah. “I have grown as a professional and as a person in this program. I look forward to spending time in the field next spring when my clinical rotations begin. I strive to bring my eagerness to learn, my compassion for others, and my determination to succeed to the work place.”

We are honored to present Leah with the GB365 Scholarship. She embodies the willingness to learn and passion for the field that makes us confident she will be an asset to the future of any lab that employs her.

Ever since I was a young child, my passion has been geared towards the medical profession and helping others to the best of my ability. I am delighted to make my dreams become a reality, said Leah.

Thanks to donors like you, GB365 is able to provide much needed financial support to next generation of healthcare providers.

Together we make an impact on our community and we thank you for your support.