Jessica Marie Coffindaffer

“I appreciate the importance of accurate lab results, for it was a routine blood test that revealed that my beloved Grandpa was very ill. Unfortunately, these results came too late, and Grandpa was gone ten days later. I know that real people exist behind every test sample—someone’s Grandpa or cousin or friend. I want to become a professional worthy of their trust. I look forward to learning more and having a positive impact on patient outcomes as I earn my degree in medical laboratory technology.”

We were honored to present Jessica with a GB365 Scholarship for Medical Laboratory Science. A Senior at Pierpont Community & Technical College with a 4.0 GPA, Jessica’s anticipated graduation date is in May of 2018. Jessica’s program is very competitive, extremely rigorous and loaded with fees. Of the 20 students accepted into the program, Jessica is 1 of 9 still enrolled and soon to graduate. Thanks to donor like you, GB365 is able to provide much needed financial support to the next generation of medical laboratory scientists.

Binika Chunara

Binika moved to the US from Nepal in 2011. Since then has   had to overcome many challenges.

“America offers limitless opportunity and though there is an abundance of opportunities, the roads are not always smooth to make an American dream into reality. It comprises days of hard work and motivation to achieve your career aspirations. I want to make a difference in people’s lives and I know I am in the right path ahead to make my vision a reality.”

Binika is not only hardworking, she is committed to making contributions to the healthcare field. This is why we were honored to present Binika with a GB365 Scholarship. A senior at the university of Maryland with a 3.6 GPA, Binika’s anticipated graduation date is in May of 2018

The GiveBack365 Scholarship was a great financial support for me at the crucial time of my degree. Considering the demands of the curriculum it wasn’t possible for me to work full-time in order to pay for tuition but the scholarship definitely took some financial burden off my shoulder. It was a great start to the semester without having to worry about the tuition fee. Hopefully in the future more students like me will get this offer.”

Thanks to donors like you, GB365 is able to provide much needed financial support to next generation of healthcare providers.

Together we make an impact on our community and we thank you for your support.